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Headed by Owner Nico Pasquali, Lupo is a tribute to his Roman heritage. 


Starting in coffee shops in London XXXXXXXX. Nico went on to open Lupo on Chapel Street in the heart of Manchester City Centre. After Lupo's  popularity grew, Nico relocated to Exchange Quay in Salford Quays. 


Finally opening Lupo in its current location in the Mountheath Industrial Estate in Prestwich, it has expanded to a serve into the evening drawing its influence from Nicos hometown of Rome.


Nico’s passion for combining local produce with his Roman heritage means he is bringing the European ‘Slow Living’ lifestyle to the UK. With a culture of relaxation and community, he invites you to stay a while, drink coffee and enjoy a slower way of life before returning to the bustle of everyday life.


Nico's passion for coffee began over 20 years ago and ever since then he has been perfecting every step of the process.

Our Lupo signature coffee blend has been specially developed and roasted guided by Nico's expertise.


We consider every detail from our signature blend to sourcing specialist Italian espresso cups.


Nico's dedication to coffee is what sets apart an 'okay' coffee from a phenomenal on. If a cup of our espresso is not enough for you, our beans are also available to purchase in store, just ask if you need them ground for you! 

Lupo Coffee_edited.jpg


Our logo was developed by an incredible artist Florence XXX (?) ... and it may surprise you to find out she was only 8 years old when she created this for us!

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