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Posted 16th October 2017


Sadly, we are closing our doors. Not through choice or because it’s not working. Our landlord served us notice.


We’ve done everything within our legal power to stay open for as long as possible. As it stands, we have no idea what the landlord is planning to do with the space. Sorry. I appreciate this doesn't tell you much.


What I can tell you is I have lots of thanks to give. And that Lupo has plans in the pipeline. 




We have to start at the very beginning with a thank you to the builder who loaded up his van with all my rubbish when I was fitting-out the shop. I didn’t know him. He saw me struggling and offered to help as he was going to the tip anyway. I'll never forget that. I also say thanks to Billy and Mark, the patient shopfitters, and the guy who works for Salford Council that helped me clear all of the weeds (I know you by face but not by name, sorry).

Big shout out to our neighbours - the Salford Arms, the Kings Arms, Blackfriars Medical Practice, Salford Uni, all of the churches around Chapel Street and Islington Mill for their ongoing support. And big up to the local police officers who have always been helpful and kept us safe.



Grazie to Jonathon Schofield, David Blake and the Manchester Confidential team for rooting for us from day one. And to all the publications (Mcr Finest, Mcr Wire, I love MCR, TimeOut, EatMcr, Creative Tourist, The Skinny Mag) for doing so much for small business’ like Lupo. It means a lot. The same goes to the Manchester Food and Drink Festival team too.



Of course, my appreciation goes to all of our suppliers who have been patient, kind and offered good advice.



The biggest thank you I give is to all of our supportive customers. Lupo has been a labour of love, and it's been worth every minute. I have made some good friends and met people from all walks a life. Thank you. 






I'm looking for a new space nearby, and I'm in talks about a shop elsewhere. I'll keep you updated on social media :  )


And finally, please come by for the last coffee or tiramisu. We'll be putting all your fave lunch specials on over the next few weeks too.


Our doors will close in around three weeks. I hope to see you soon.




One small addition: Can I also thank Thom Hethrington for championing us and his ongoing commitment to the food and drink scene in the North West.









Nico in front of Lupo on Chapel Street on a sunny a
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