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LUPO PRESENTS: ESPRESSO YOURSELF - a two-hour coffee class dedicated to the iconic Italian espresso.

We will start off at 10 am with coffee and cornetto (filled with homemade custard or Nutella). Around 10.30 am, once we are satisfied, we will start the class.

Over the course of 90-minutes, we will learn (and discuss) the following topics:

  • How espresso is embedded in Italian culture

  • The different roasts and how they hit your tongue

  • How to spot a well-extracted espresso

  • Tasting (light and dark roast)

The sessions will take place at Lupo on Exchange Quay, Salford (around 2.5 km from Manchester City Centre). Class size will be a maximum of eight. We have wheelchair access and toilet.

You can find tickets on Eventbrite

Any questions, or if you would like to book a private event, contact

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