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Ciao. We are happy to be back for lunch club and hope you enjoy this month's menu which includes one of my favourite ingredients, fennel sausages, and a childhood favourite of mine, parmigiana di zucchini. To finish we have a mimosa cake that looks so beautiful you feel bad to eat it : )

LUNCH CLUB MENU – 22 June 2019


Burrata – fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside (another level compared to Buffalo Mozzarella). Topped with EVO, crushed pistachio and paprika. Served with homemade crostini.


Bruschetta - fresh sourdough bread lightly toasted with a selection of seasonal toppings (for example, bittersweet mushrooms, roasted peppers and ricotta).


Lasagna alle Salsicce

Durum wheat white lasagne with cherry vine-tomatoes, Italian fennel sausages (from a local butcher that specialise in Italian sausages) mozzarella di bufala Campana, purple sprouting broccoli, béchamel and parmesan cheese (24-months aged). Served with leaves.


Parmigiana di Zucchini

A lighter alternative to our much-loved parmigiana with aubergine this summery dish uses thinly sliced courgette lightly fried in breadrumbs layered with homemade cherry tomato sauce and fior di latte mozzarella. Oven-baked. Served warm with leaves.


Mimosa – named after the beautiful spring flower that symbolises the celebration of women in Italy, this traditional sponge cake with a crema diplomatica (a silky combination of Chantilly cream and custard) filling adds a delicate finish to your lunch.

(if you would like a table for more than four people please email or pop in)

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