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We have been looking forward to sharing this month's Lunch Club menu with you. Although I love the heat of the summer, autumn is my favourite season. For me this time of year is when we have our greatest flavours - all the fruit and veg that soaked up the sun for months on end are now ready to eat, and dishes are packed with texture, comfort and warmth. I do hope you enjoy the menu we have out together for you.

LUNCH CLUB MENU – 23 November 2019


Carciofi alla romana with potatoes

A classic dish from my home city of Rome. Artichoke hearts rubbed in lemon then slowly cooked on the hob with potatoes*, pecorino white wine, garlic* and fresh mint*. Served warm with home-made focaccia for scarpetta (shoe for cleaning the plate).


Pizzette di polenta

Fried polenta disk topped with home-made cherry tomato sauce and melted buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil*.


Lasagana Autumno

Lasagna with radicchio, home-made chestnut paste, mountain speck ham, bechamel and Parmesan cheese. Served with leaves and cherry tomatoes.


Oven-baked gnocchi alla Romana

Italian comfort food at it’s best. Home-made semolina gnocchi (discs) oven-baked with Roman pecorino and butter. Traditionally eaten on a Thursday (you can ask us why when you come for lunch ; ). Topped with EVO and grated pecorino.


Crostata con pirra, ricotta e cacoa

Crostata tart filled with thinly sliced sweet pears, light ricotta cheese and a touch of bitter cocoa. Topped with chocolate chips.

* from our allotment : )

(if you would like a table for more than four people please email or pop in)

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