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Alberto Mombelli believes in the power of lunch so much that he dedicated his new music show on Reform Radio to it.

We talked to Alberto about how taking lunch is enshrined in Roman law and his new Monday afternoon slot ‘Pausa Pranzo'.

You've been in Manchester for about seven / eight years. What first brought you here?

I wanted to work in the music industry and that's very difficult in my home city of Milan. When I first came to the UK I lived in London, but didn't really like it. For me Manchester is "una città a portata d'uomo". I'm not sure how that directly translates into English? I guess you could say the people are very friendly and it doesn't feel like a big city at all. Actually, at times it feels like a small village...everyone knows each other! It’s a lively place, there’s so much going on, the past and present music scene is amazing. AND it doesn't rain as much as people think!* This Spring and Summer have been the best ever!

*Milan is the second rainiest city in Europe, Manchester must like the desert in comparison.

'There's so much more to us than Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli!'

You recently started a new show on Reform Show, Pausa Pranzo, which literally means lunch break in Italian. How did that come about?

I really wanted a daytime slot on Reform Radio, something that wouldn't get in the way of work or family commitments, a radio slot that would allow me to play all sorts of music. Monday's lunch break seemed like an obvious choice and after a quick thought, I decided to do a show joining the two things I love the most: music and food! That's how Pausa Pranzo was born.

What kind of music can listeners expect?

I play a bit of everything, to be honest. The first show included some indie-rock, disco, reggae, synth-pop, 80s and obviously some Italian music. There's so much good past and present music from Italy that people from the UK don't always get to hear. There's so much more to us than Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli!

What does your show bring to people during their lunch break?

I hope to deliver an hour of music and laughter, to make people stop what they are doing, think about their lunch break and how important it can be. I really want people to get involved (phone in or text) and share what they are having for lunch, tips about nice independent places to visit in Manchester or anywhere else, places to avoid, secret recipes, etc. Plus having the radio show it's a good way for me to actually take a proper hour break on a Monday and slow down! Can you deliver to Reform Radio (laughs)?

'A pleasant 'pausa pranzo' gives you new energygy'

In Rome, taking a lunch break is enshrined in the law. Why is stopping for lunch so important?

People need a break from their desks and work! A pleasant 'pausa pranzo' gives you new energy, it's a way of relaxing and recharging yourself ahead of the afternoon. Studies prove that taking a proper lunch break makes you more efficient - unless you indulge on a couple of glasses of wine or too many cakes, that sends me to have a pisolino ( a nap ) straight away.

When's the next show and how can everyone tune in? The next show is on Monday 6th August from 1 until 2 pm.Tune in on Reform Radio's website - or listen back to the shows on Mixcloud.

Alberto runs an independent booking agency and represents some amazing International touring DJs 'who are much, much better than him (his words : ) Find out more > Orchid-AM


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