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This month's lunch club is the same weekend as Mothers Day (Festa della Mamma) so hopefully some of you will bring your mum (or the other important women in your life for a nice treat : ) On this menu we have a mozzarella starter that I love. It's a very simple dish that once you try it you want it all the time. Also we have a new wine, Syrah from Salento regione:

After our last holiday in Italy I became obsessed with Puglian wines, this one in particular was a favourite. - it has an intense and fruity flavour with notes of black pepper. A wonderful accompaniment for your plate of pasta.

LUNCH CLUB MENU – 21 March 2020


Involtini di Zucchine - grilled courgette wrapped in Italian pancetta and provolone cheese then oven baked.


Mozzarella in carrozza (v) – the literal translation for this is mozzarella in a carriage. The carriage being a golden-crusted outer. I can only describe this dish as something similar to eggy bread / cheese on toast. It’s simply delicious and more-ish.


Pasta al forno - pasta with cauliflower, Italian sausages, provola cheese and thyme. Topped with bread crumbs and oven-baked. Served with rocket salad.


Pasta alla Norma (v) - pasta with golden-fried aubergine and home-made tomato sauce. Topped with salty ricotta and fresh basil leaves. Served with rocket salad.


Millefoglie with custard and amarene sciroppate - a ‘thousand layers’ of homemade puff pastry with a lightly whipped custard and cherries (soaked overnight for a fuller flavour).

(if you would like a table for more than four people please email or pop in)

- dogs welcome (must be accompanied by one human adult.)

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