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Last Saturday we hosted a 2-hour session dedicated to the iconic Italian espresso.

We spoke about the origins of coffee and how it's processed. Then we talked about what makes a good espresso. Clean machinery is key. Dirty machines dirty the flavours. We showed the class what comes out of the machine if it's not flushed before pulling a shot. They didn't like what they saw. We might have sparked a movement:

"I loved the ESPRESSO YOURSELF morning. I SO wish you were still in Chapel Street.

I haven’t been out for a coffee in Cafe X since the class. I’ve been to coffee shops but have stuck to tea.

Soon I am going to start my Manchester survey to see if there is anywhere else that serves a good 7g/25ml espresso from a machine that’s been properly flushed.

See you to reclaim my umbrella soon."

Don't forget people NEVER trust a human that doesn't flush their machine. It will be the tip of the iceberg.

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