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Raw coffee beans

LUPO PRESENTS: A 3-week introductory course to the art of Italian coffee - starting Tuesday 15th May 2018. Over the three sessions we will cover: WEEK-1: FROM MOUNTAIN TO CUP (15th May) The history, the fauna and physical structure of coffee beans. You will follow their journey from raw to roasted. WEEK-2: RECOGNISING GOOD COFFEE WITH YOUR EARS (22nd May) Learn all about coffee fashions and how you can recognise a good cup from sound alone. Taste different types of beans and learn about their flavours. WEEK-3: MAKING THE BEST BREW AT HOME (29th May) Grinding, storing and extraction – we’ll explore different techniques for home brewing and learn how to clean our equipment properly. To finish off, we’ll be tasting different coffee roasts and chatting through their profiles. (And you will get a present to take home.) The course costs £60 for all three sessions. Here's what Jane (March 2018) had to say about the classes: "I absolutely loved your coffee classes, your enthusiasm and your knowledge and your cafe. You managed to be professional in your approach without being at all intimidating to people with no knowledge. The sessions were fun, really thoughtfully planned and well delivered and I learnt a lot"

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Sorry, tickets aren’t refundable, but if for any reason we cancelled, we would give you all your money back.

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